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17 - 19 School Street, Taunton MA 02780. (508) 822-8833 Voice

Montly Special

Sushi Bar Entree

Sushi Bar Entree - Fusion Kitchen Sushi Bar - Chinese Restaurant in Taunton


California Platter (3 California Maki) ...$21

Vegetable Maki Combo ...$15
Avocado Maki, Cucumber Maki and
Oshinko Maki (Yellow Pickled Radish)

Spicy Maki Combo ...$22
Spicy Tuna Maki, Spicy Salmon Maki
and Spicy Yellow Tail Maki.

Maki Combo A ...$22
Tuna Maki, Salmon Maki and California Maki.

Maki Combo B ...$22
Eel Maki, Boston Maki and Spicy Tuna Maki.

Maki Combo C ...$21
Boston Maki, California Maki
and Philadelphia Maki.

Salmon Lover ...$24
6pcs Salmon Sushi & Spicy Salmon Maki.

Tuna lover ...$24
6pcs Tuna sushi & Spicy Tuna Maki.

Beginner's Combo ...$20
5 Pieces of cooked Sushi and California Maki
(Shrimp, Crab Stick, Tamago (egg),
Eel and Octopus)

Sushi Combo A (Chef's Selection) ...$29
Chef's Selection of 8 Pieces Nigiri Sushi,
Tuna Maki.

Sushi Combo B (Chef's Selection) ...$34
6 Nigiri Sushi, 4 pieces Sashimi
and California Maki.

Sushi Regular (Chef's Selection) ...$28
8 Pieces of Sushi and California Maki.

Sushi Deluxe (Chef's Selection) ...$29
9 Pieces of Sushi and Tuna Maki.

Sashimi Lover (Chef's Selection) ...$53
16 Pieces of Fresh Raw Fish Sashimi.

Chef's Selection of 10 pcs of Sushi,
16 pcs of Sashimi and FusionKitchen Maki.


Top Advanced Level Sushi - Chinese Restaurant at Downton Taunton

Our Sushi and Chinese Restaurant Located at Downtown Taunton of Massachusetts , In The Bristol County Area Included Norton, Raynham, Berkley, Dighton and Rehoboth.

Address: 17 - 19 School Street, Taunton MA 02780 - Massachusetts