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How to Eat Sush

How to Eat Sush - Fusion Kitchen Sushi Bar Restaurant in Taunton MA

Sushi is finger food (Chopsticks can break the rice.) Pick up sushi with fingers and turn to dip a corner of the fish side into soy sauce. Do not soak rice in the sauce. Bring sushi to mouth so the fish touches the tongue first and eat in just one bite.
» Eat less oily fish or marinated fish first for the oil in rich fish will form a barrier on the tongue blocking other flavors. Eat sweet ones last.
» Eat Gari (marinated ginger) between sushi to refresh the mouth.
» Wasabi is used to subdue fishy taste, and also has an anti-bacterial effect.
» Green tea is good to refresh the mouth. It is better not to drink the higher quality teas as the sweetness of those teas can prevent one from tasting the delicacy of the fish. Drink the higher quality teas at the end if preferred.
» Soy sauce enriches the flavor of the fish when used in small amounts. Some oily fish taste better without soy sauce. Halibut and other white fish are topped with Ponzu (lemon flavored light soy sauce) for this reason.
» The best way to eat sushi is seated at the sushi bar where you can order one at a time and eat as soon as the chef prepares and serves the sushi.

By Chef Ryuichi Yoshii, “Sushi” in the Essential Kitchen Series



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